MQU 4WW PC2 Laboratory


Project Description

The two laboratories on level 3 of this building were subject to fire damage and required total refurbishment. The faculty took the opportunity to remodel and enhance the laboratory to a higher standard than previous and increase the fume cabinet facilities by introducing large (longer) cabinets. Other upgrades included a laboratory chilled water-cooling system, additional local exhaust hoods, lighting and power provisions. The laboratory retained its PC2 status.

The engineering services were designed by VOS Group and contains the following main feature services:

• Air Conditioning and pressure management (negative air entrainment PC2).
• Autonomous laboratory chilled water system.
• Fume cabinet and local exhaust systems (Nederman arm and vacuum exhaust systems).
• Pipe laboratory gases.
• Laboratory sanitary waste systems, hot and cold (potable and non-potable) water systems.
• General and specialist power systems and laboratory lighting systems.

The mechanical services have been designed to maintain negative air entrainment into the facility, which must operate with varying rates of exhaust through fume cabinets used in the facility. The hydraulics systems have been extended from existing supplies but this included the connection of trade waste drainage. Local switchboards were replaced and submains upgraded to suit the new load profile of the laboratory and all lighting upgraded.

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