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Jacksons Landing

Pyrmont, Sydney


Project Description

This is a multi stage multiple strata plan combination walk-up, low and medium rise residential, development, with retail, and commercial components, which reclaims an extensive previously derelict commercial waterfront site to create a well planned residential environment and return public access back to the waterfront. It involved several new mixed use residential buildings, and the fitout of some significantly important heritage buildings. It also included a community building and communal swimming pool as part of the development. Many of the buildings contained strata commercial tenancies, typically fitted out as a Café or Convenience type store. Commercial office space was also part of this development. Several of the apartments were also designated as home/office, which enabled the occupants to run a small business from their home.

Project Highlights

The project involved several buildings located around common community areas. The majority of the individual apartments were air conditioned by a differing array of systems, selected on individual building usage and suitability. The majority of the apartments were air conditioned off of a common building type system, each with individual apartment control. A small portion of the apartments were air conditioned via stand-alone type systems, making them independent of the common building system. The great variety of difference in the systems employed overall on this project provided a large amount of diversity and freedom of use for the occupants and residents of this development.

The more prestigious of the buildings in this development also included a swimming/lap pools with a gymnasium for that particular buildings residents to use. A common community type building was also part of the development. This building was available to the tenants for community events or for use by outside parties. A community use swimming pool was also available for general patronage of all of the Jacksons Landing residents.

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