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Project Description

This involved an integrated fitout of Level 4. The building was under-going a make-good up-grade with Healthdirect moving into the entire level 4, 3200m² footprint. It involved an industrial type up-grade look with all services exposed to view. No ceilings.

VOS Group provided all services – electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, fire, integrated fitout of level 4. This was for all services to be exposed to view yet still cater for high occupation densities. The look had to be semi industrial but still have a modern feel, all the while while catering for a flexible workplace. The active type workspace and co-working environment needed to be flexible enough to utilise the hotdesking scenario. The floor plan also included for large conference / training and boardrooms.

Exposed ductwork (both sheetmetal and Ductboard (polyurethane lightweight sandwich panel).
Exposed circular swirl diffusion.
Maintaining air way paths for live safety e.g. pressurisation, relief and smoke control.
Exposed lighting for both base building open plan LED panels and specialist feature lighting.
Co-ordinating with and around exposed cable trays, pipework, ductwork sprinklers and hydraulic services.
Acoustic separation between floor plantrooms, the open floor plate and meeting, training and focus rooms.
Multiple break-out areas to serve large and varying populations.

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