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Project Description

This HCF house project involved a major plant upgrade within the level 14 plantroom. The building had over the years been extended and additional floor plate and levels added. The mechanical systems had been piecemeal extended with each building adjustment. The upgrade works were to take place with the building remaining live and open for business during the works. The scope was to provide sufficient cooling provision for extreme days but to also provide significant energy savings not only with plant selection but also in building operation and functionality.

Systems Included

Replacement of the existing three aging chillers with two energy efficient chillers
Replacement of the three base building cooling towers
Refurbishment of the supplementary cooling towers
Replacement of chilled and condenser water pumps
Refurbishment of the existing in built air handling units
Pipework reticulation re-design to serve a remote AHU
Provision of an additional condenser water riser
Electrical switchboard upgrade
Conversion of the Data Centre Comms room from air to water cooled while maintaining the required environment. This Comms room hosted the HCF website.
Provision of a closed circuit condenser water system to the Data Centre Comms room
Extension of the existing BMS including additional improved control functionality

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