St Leonards, NSW

Project Description

This child care project involved the conversions of a 4 storey commercial office building into a 2,000m2 multi-level childcare centre with open spaces at all levels, including a roof top play area. The building is over thirty years old and needed some major remodelling of services to meet compliance and functional requirements.

Froebel wanted to offer a fully interactive space for their care facilities. VOS Group worked very closely with the Client and the architect (Silvester Fuller) to ensure the services were part of this experience including the following features:

• Exposed services to complement the architect’s requirement for exposed concrete structure. This served to assist the comfort systems in delivering a passive thermal environment.
• Fabric duct diffusers to offer stimulation through movement of the duct as air flowed through it. These also offer some control for sound reverberation through the facility.
• Coordination with the joinery to provide air diffusion to the space where fabric duct could not be utilised.
• Point of exhaust extract systems for change areas within younger infant areas. These were incorporated into surrounding joinery.
• Specialist lighting including high bay lighting centred around furniture and activity areas, providing rendered modelling where necessary to demonstrate outcomes with the use of different fittings.

The outcome has been a highly coordinated, visually stimulating yet restful and passive environment where needed, dowsed with pools of light in the areas of intense activity with darker areas for quiet areas. Sleeping or resting areas within the centre of the building are provided with dimming and lighting level control.

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