Data Centres


New approach to data centre design.

Since 1998, VOS has been actively involved in the design, construction and support of data centre, mission critical facilities throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. Our clients, primarily from the finance and technology sectors rely on our expertise to provide a comprehensive solution entailing consistent involvement throughout the project life from conception to client delivery.

VOS Group has an impressive database of some of the top companies in Australia which includes Westpac, IAG, Australand, Unisys, General Motors, Microsoft, Sony and the Australian Stock Exchange to name a few. Data Centre projects typically comprise the site selection, concept design, detailed design and construction management of major electrical, communication, mechanical, fire and hydraulic plant and building works including requirements for new build, relocation or on-site enhancement.

Risk Minimisation
Technical Expertise Facility
Support and Maintenance

VOS Group has the expertise and experience to manage such projects from inception to completion and provide an effective alternative to traditional project procurement and delivery methods where the following circumstances occur: Complex projects where the predominant component is technology and engineering services related.

Where a high level of client briefing and ongoing client involvement/project evolution is necessary, causing amendment of the project scope and requiring continual management of the project budget. Where the client requires a single point project responsibility and accountability function from concept through design to implementation and delivery. Where the project schedule is critical and delivery time can be reduced by integrating design and construction/implementation activities.


For projects situated overseas and or for overseas based clients implementing projects in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. VOS Group also offers comprehensive on-going facility management services that are supported by a highly skilled team of professional engineers and technicians.


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